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Alpaca 1500 bike racks

Discussion in 'Equipment Talk' started by Tracy, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy The 'Bent One

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    Well, I'm soon to officially be the owner of a brand new Catrike Road.  So, now I'll have a tadpole and the wife has her delta.  We have a Toyota RAV4 for transport and I know that the Road will fit in the back of it, but we still have to haul hers some way.  I was searching the internet and came upon the Alpaca 1500 series bike racks.  The make one that mounts a delta and a tadpole at the same time.  I like the look of it, and the price isn't that bad.  I could make one myself, but by the time you put the cost of materials in, the rental of a welder and other associated items I'd probably be pushing the Alpaca's price anyway.
    Anybody have one of these (not necessarily the delta/tadpole combo)?  If so, I've got a few questions I hope you can answer
    1) How is the construction of it?
    2) Is mounting the bikes that hard?
    3) Is the mount stable?
    4) Is it aluminum based or steel?

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