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CatEye Volt 700

Discussion in 'Equipment Talk' started by Tracy, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy The 'Bent One

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    Just ordered a new Cateye Volt 700 (yes, I know the 800 is out also but got a good deal on the 700). As I said in another post, I was looking for a new headlight for my 5.5.9, and after the issue that I had with the Cygolite 2W HotShot I wasn't that enthused about going back with them again for another light. The light should be in this Thursday, and I'll be happy because it's getting dark earlier here and it cuts into my ride time (even though it is cold out).

    Was wondering what the general consensus is on the light from people that have it or have actually seen it. The reviews that I read all ranked it pretty high for the price point.
    I was on the fence on getting one of the Ion 700's or the L&M Urban's, but kept reading to many "not really happy" type posts about them.

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