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Just saying Hi

Discussion in 'The Rest Stop' started by luminova11, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. luminova11

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    I'm Bryan and just thought I would introduce myself. I'm 44, married with 3 kids and live in the far West of Cornwall in the UK. I've been riding my Performer JC70AL-FRP (snappy model name, isn't it?) for about 3 years, mainly family leisure rides, Strava is just a route record for me, I'll not be chasing KOMs although downhill is a different matter, 50+ mph with your backside a couple inches off the ground is pretty exhilarating. I had an accident which left me unable to ride an upright more than a few hundred feet so I had resigned myself to not cycling again. I knew about ICE and their beautiful machines as the factory is only about 25 miles from me, but no longer being able to work put them financially out of reach. Then I stumbled across Performer, did a bit of research and everything looked positive, so following a small windfall and a bit of hard saving I had enough to get my trike. I was cycling again and able to join the rest of my family on excursions instead of waiting at home on my own. My trike gave me back a huge part of my life that I lost in 2009 and I am so much better for it.
    Sorry to ramble on but I always find it interesting how people find there way into recumbents. I look forward to being a member here and will be as much help as I can.

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  2. Tracy

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    Hi Bryan... welcome aboard. The site is rather slow and it's hard to get the word out to folks about it. Most seem to rather use a Facebook group instead of a forum. :scare:

    We own 2 Catrikes, one Road and one 5.5.9. We "stumbled" into recumbents when my wife sustained a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and was told she could no longer ride motorcycles or bicycles. She was looking at a trike (think the old delivery style 3 wheel one with a basket on the back) and I told her about recumbents. She ended up getting a Sun X3 AX. I got the Cat Road shortly afterwards. Made the fatal mistake of letting her ride it and suddenly I was looking for another trike. Ended up going with a 5.5.9 as I wanted a larger rear wheel. Due to the heat recently we haven't been riding much (100°F in the afternoon, 90's at night).

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