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Tail light video

Discussion in 'Equipment Talk' started by Tracy, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Tracy

    Tracy The 'Bent One

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    Did a simple video with several tail lights mounted on the new Catrikes.

    In the first segment, the middle top light is the Design Shine DS-500 in a factory high flash mode . The light on the lower left is the Cygolite HotShot 2W in daytime flash mode. The light on the right is the Bontrager Flare R in daytime flash mode.

    In the second & third segment, the bike on the left (the orange Catrike 5.5.9) has the DS-500 mounted on the center high and the Cygolite Hotshot mounted low left. The Cygolite is in a daylight flash mode. The DS-500 is in a custom mode with it in level 2 (medium low) and a level 3 pulse.
    The trike on the right has the Bontrager Flare R mounted low left and the Orfos Flare 360 mounted on the upper right. The Orfos is in the high power mode on slow flash.
    The light on the lower part of the trike is a cheap Zefal from Walmat and the one mounted on the flagpole is another cheap LED bar powered by 2 AA batteries.

    The video is best viewed in HD mode.

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